Community Presbyterian Church of DuPont

Pastor Dan tends to do what is known as "exegetical" preaching. This means he prefers to preach through a book or passage of the Bible, examining what the scriptures have to say, in depth, line by line with practical application to our everyday lives. Our belief is that there is power in the Word of God, which we need to "mine"  in order to grasp the full meaning. For holidays or special occasions, he will choose a "topic" as the theme of his message, still relying on scripture, with relevant applications.

PASTOR DAN is picking up teaching on the GOSPEL OF MARK  where he left off last March of 2020. If you would like to listen to prior sermons, just go to archived sermons to listen.

We are still are honoring COVID-19 safety guidelines with masks required and social distancing, for now. We understand that many of you are still not comfortable attending church in person. That's OK. The Sunday morning sermons will still be recorded and posted online by Sunday evening. 

We trust these messages will continue to be a source of inspiration to you during this time of transition.

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We have permission to use songs in our services, with our CCLI license #2903219